2023 Umpires Registration (Stratford Girls Softball)

Print 2023 Umpires Registration
Umpire Information
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    Open the calendar popup.
    Click Calendar
  2. Example: ###-###-#### x###
  3. PLEASE NOTE: This will be the primary method of communication with umpires. A copy of this submission will be sent to this address when complete.
Umpire Experience
This information will be used to sure you are umpiring game at the right level for you and your level of experience. We will adjust this as needed throughout the season as needed.
  1. For junior or intermediate umpires we will only except softball clinics
Schedule Requests
Please tell us about any scheduling concerns you may have and we will do our best to accommodate.

  1. Check all that apply / No Ump will be given games at any level above there age unless previously discussed with him or her
  2. Days of the week that you cant ump, Ball schedules, or work schedules / we will request that you submit these schedules at a later date if required.
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