2023 U15-Tryout Registration (Stratford Girls Softball)

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  1. Please submit this form if you wish to tryout for one of our Stratford Flames Teams. This will help our coaches know how many player to expect at the tryouts and make it easy for the coach to contact you as tryouts proceed. 
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  10. I acknowledge my or my child’s voluntary participation in the Stratford Flames Fastball 2022 Season. I understand that while participating, there is a risk of injury. I understand that such an injury can range from minor to major injury. I hereby waive any and all claims, causes of action, right to entitlements, suites or damages against the Stratford Minor Girls Softball Association, including any and all employees, agents or representatives, as a result of, or in conjunction with my participation during this 2022 season. I also waive any and all claims to any other services, uniforms, equipment, medical or training services and the like. I verify that I have no physical disabilities, impairments or chemical dependencies that inhibit my participation in softball sport activities. I do not know of any medical reasons why I should not participate in softball. I hereby accept and assume the risk of injury and understand the possible consequence of such injury up to and including death.

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